Company history

The company history of Axios Rice Mill dates back to 1949 when the MARCHAL programme came to Greece to experiment with whether rice could be cultivated in Greece. The founder of the company, Grigorios G Tsiotskas, volunteered his land and produced the first rice in Greece.  After the first crop he realised that the rice needed special processing before it was fit for human consumption and so ordered the necessary machinery to process the rice.

In 1953 the first rice mill was ready for production. Grigorios G Tsiotskas remained a producer of rice and in this field he was sent to Italy by the Ministry of agiculture to be further trained in rice replantation.

A pioneer in the cultivation of rice, his work was recognised by the Ministry of Agriculture and was given awards for the variety of rice he produced and as an exhibitor at the International exhibition in Thessaloniki .

In 1955, the company was passed onto the second generation, his son, Filoktimon G Tsiotskas, who continued with the culitivation of rice but concentrated more on processing and the rice trade. So in 1967 the rice mill was moved to new premises, in 1975 he invested in a parboiled rice plant, in 1978 modernised the mill with Japanese machinery and technology, in 1988 he invested in a second parboiled rice plant and the first individually owned  driers and upright Silos in Greece.

In 2003, the company was taken over by the 3rd generation of the Tsiotskas family who continue to modernise and update machinery and equipment, increase output. In 2010 a new packaging plant was added and an ecological insect fumigation plant (without using any chemicals).

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